Insert a Symbol into a RichText element

This is a static Rich Text element.

Each one of these items inside is a child element of the RichText.

Each break (Enter) will create a new line. Each new line (or heading/list/media/etc...) will create a new child element.
Shift + Enter will not create a new child element. This is still the 3rd child element of the RichText.
  1. The 1st child of this RichText element is the H2 heading (purple)
  2. The 2nd child is the first line right under the H2 (blue)
  3. The 3rd is the H6 paragraph (red)
  4. The 4th is this green list
  5. And so on...

In the code (on the page settings) we take the symbol element (by it's ID) and placing it before the 6th child of the RichText element. Which happen to be right after this paragraph, since in code wi usually start counting from 0.


Original cover to It Rhymes with Lust, one precursor of the graphic novel. Cover art by Matt Baker and Ray Osrin.

Hal Weber, a handsome, downtrodden newspaperman, arrives at Copper City to take a job offered by a former lover, Rust Masson. Rust is the cunning, beautiful widow of the prominent political leader Buck Masson. She now intends to take over the political fortunes of the city for herself, with the assistance of her cold-blooded, violent henchman, Monk Shirl. Her stepdaughter, Audrey Masson, warns Hal of Rust's machinations, but Hal is smitten and easily ensnared by Rust's deceitful attractions. Meanwhile, a rival political power, Marcus Jeffers, also schemes to gain political control, but he is outwitted by Rust and violently beaten by her henchmen, with Hal forced to participate.

Plagued by self-loathing, Hal is finally convinced by Audrey's innocence and probity to stand up to Rust. He writes a lengthy expose of Rust and her activities in his newspaper, which causes the city to rise up against her. In a climactic confrontation at the nearby mining facility, Rust's efforts to quell a popular uprising turn fatal when one of her henchmen begins shooting at the miners. Rust and Monk climb into an elevated mining bucket to address the agitated crowd, with Rust proclaiming that "Power belongs to whoever has the guts to take it!". At that moment, Marcus Jeffers, recovered from his injuries, rushes to the control panel, intending to dump the mining car carrying Rust and Monk. Though he is shot to death by Monk, Jeffers is able to set the cars in motion, sending Rust and Monk toppling out of the car to their deaths in the mine pit below. Hal and Audrey, observing from the ground, are cheered by the crowd. Later that evening, Hal realizes he loves Audrey alone, and the couple embrace.

This is a Symbol element
It will be pushed into the rich text element before it's (n)th child.

Insert a Symbol Dynamically into a RichText element

In each of these dynamic pages, the symbol is in a different location, set by the dynamic field {{Element Number}} in the CMS

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